What Does An Electrician Do?

A person who is going to repair or install a system, appliance or fixture using power will be an electrician. He can be any age but he will usually be around forty-five. He must be licensed to do so.


While it varies by state, the educational requirements for electricians are pretty much the same. The formal education and training usually take around three years to complete and it is a very challenging and serious type of work. Not all electricians have worked in the field long enough to qualify for an apprentice status.

The basic task of an electrician’s job is to fix electrical problems like a breaker, hot or cold water heater, lighting fixture, or other electrical item. He does not always have to use a wrench or turn tools. Electricians can use their hands, however they must be able to solder, solder wick, fix cables, or even solder a wire to another wire.

Electricians can also fix solar panels that charge batteries which then power electronic devices like computers and other appliances. In this case, the power for the system is supplied by the sun’s energy. An electrician might even be trained in water heating and cooling as well as solar and wind energy.

In certain types of jobs, electricians must be licensed to drive. These people will be called certified electricians or even licensed electricians. When a person is licensed to repair or install something, he is normally a contractor or a professional who must be licensed to do so.

There are three common types of licenses, an electrician may receive. The first is a “license to practice” while the second is an “Electrical Contractor” license, and the third is a “Electrician’s Certificate.” If an electrician has a license to practice, he is generally an apprentice and whenhe is an electrician, he will be called a “Electrician’s Apprentice.”

When you get a license to practice, you are the only one with the license. With an electrician’s certificate, you are called an electrician’s sub-licensed technician. You will be allowed to work with various tools in your trade but you cannot fix electrical items.

With a license to practice, an electrician must follow state’s requirements to pass examinations to qualify. With an electrician’s certificate, the electrician can handle only electric items or special products. Once he has passed the examination, he will be called an electrician.